Members of the lab


Dr. Alfredo Ghezzi

Ben Troutwine

Linda Lew

Current and previous members of the lab celebrate Yazan’s successful thesis defense.

10/31/2008 Winners of the Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest. We took home the gold in two different categories!

8/7/2008 Going away party for Kapil (horizontal).

4/18/2007 The lab shows that it has brains.

Some Previous lab members.

Dr. Brooks Robinson - Now a post-doc in                                Dr. Xiaolei Li
John WIlliams Lab at the Vollum Institute.

Dr. Rudi Bohm - Now an Assistant Professor                  Dr. Yazan Al Hasan -
at Texas A&M University-Kingsville                                 now at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Dr. Jascha Pohl                                                                                 Dr. Harish Krishnan

Dr. Roseanna Robles