The slo gene & behavior

Mutations in the slo cause a variety of small changes in behavior changes in flies. The slo gene encodes the BK type Ca2+-activated K+ channel. This channel integrates Ca2+ and electrical signals and can alter the firing pattern of CNS neurons. It is also important for normal muscle function for the function of a small number of cells in the digestive system.
Null mutations in slo eliminate BK channel expression in all tissues. Originally, we were all quite surprised when this was not a lethal event.
The bread and butter phenotype for my lab is that mutations in slo eliminate the capacity of flies to acquire tolerance to sedation with organic solvent anesthetics or to sedation with ethanol. Our work has shown that sedation with these drugs causes induces slo gene expression. Induced expression enhances neural excitability which counters one of the drug’s effects.
How does the sedation induce slo gene expression? Boy are interested in this. It activates the CREB transcription factor which promotes acetylation of the slo promoter region.
What other behaviors are affected by slo mutations?
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Slo mutants