Pubsfolder -- Antone G. Jacobson Publications from the Jacobson Laboratory:

1955 A.G. Jacobson. The roles of optic vesicle and other head tissues in lens induction.
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Dev. Biol. 2:138-154. A pdf is here .

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I. Interaction within the ectoderm and between the ectoderm and underlying tissues.
J. Exp. Zool. 154:273-284. A pdf is here .

1963b A.G. Jacobson. The determination and positioning of the nose, lens and ear.
II. The role of the endoderm.
J. Exp. Zool. 154:285-292. A pdf is here .

1963c A.G. Jacobson. The determination and positioning of the nose, lens and ear.
III. Effects of reversing the antero-posterior axis of epidermis, neural plate, and neural folds.
J. Exp. Zool. 154:293-304. A pdf is here .

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Science 152:25-34. A pdf of this paper is here .

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Dev. Biol. 18:537-552. A pdf is here .

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J. Exp. Zool. 169:357-370.

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Crustaceana 17:285-297.

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In: 1969 McGraw-Hill Yearbook of Science and Technology. pp. 165-168.

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J. Exp. Zool. 175:323-326. A pdf is here .

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Dev. Biol. 38:73-90. A pdf is here .

1974b B.H. Lipton and A.G. Jacobson. Experimental analysis of the mechanisms of somite morphogenesis.
Dev. Biol. 38:91-103. A pdf is here .

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Dev. Biol. 42:391-400. A pdf is here .

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In: Prevention of Embryonic, Fetal, and Perinatal Disease, R.L. Brent and M.I. Harris (eds.). DHEW Publication No. (NIH) 76-853, Superintendent of Documents, Washington, D.C., Fogarty Center on Preventive Medicine, Volume 3, (1976), pp. 295-312.

1976 D.S. Packard, Jr., and A.G. Jacobson. The influence of axial structures on chick somite formation.
Dev. Biol. 53:36-48. A pdf is here .

1976a A.G. Jacobson and R. Gordon. Changes in the shape of the developing vertebrate nervous system analysed experimentally,mathematically and by computer simulation.
J. Exp. Zool. 197:191-246. A pdf (5.8 MB) is here .

1976b A.G. Jacobson and R. Gordon. Nature and origin of patterns of changes in cell shape in embryos.
J. Supramolecular Structure 5:371-380.

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Dev. Biol. 57:188-198. A pdf is here .

1978a A.G. Jacobson. Some forces that shape the nervous system.
Zoon. 6:13-21.
A pdf is here .

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In: Formshaping Movements in Neurogenesis, C.-O. Jacobson and T. Ebendal (eds.), Almqvist and Wiksell International, Stockholm. pp. 13-21.

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Scientific American 238 (6):106-113. A pdf is here .

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In: Morphogenesis and Pattern Formation, T.G. Connelly, L.L. Brinkley, and B.M. Carlson (eds.),
Raven Press, New York. pp. 233-263.

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J. Exp. Zool. 216:399-408.

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J. Exp. Zool. 219:217-232.

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Anat. Rec. 203:375-396. A pdf is here .

1982 P.P.L. Tam, S. Meier, and A.G. Jacobson. Differentiation of the metameric pattern in the embryonic axis of the mouse. II. Somitomeric organization of the presomitic mesoderm.
Differentiation. 21:109-122. A pdf is here .

1984 A.G. Jacobson. Further evidence that formation of the neural tube requires elongation of the nervous system.
J. Exp. Zool. 230:23-28.

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Dev. Biol. 106:181-193. A pdf here .

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In: The Cell in Contact: Adhesions and Junctions as Morphogenetic Determinants, G.M. Edelman and J.-P. Thiery (eds.), John Wiley and Sons, New York, pp. 49-65.

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In: Molecular Determinants of Animal Form, G.M. Edelman (ed.), Alan B. Liss, Inc., New York (UCLA Symposium Volume 31) pp. 143-166. A pdf here .

1985 G.W. Eagleson and A.G. Jacobson. Development of the Pituitary-Thyroid axis in Ambystoma mexicanum .
In: Current Trends in Endocrinology, B. Lofts and W.N. Holmes (eds.), Hong Kong University Press, Hong Kong. pp. 503-506.

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J. Embryol. Exp. Morph. 96:19-49. A pdf here .

1986 A.G. Jacobson and S.P. Meier. Somitomeres: The primordial body segments.
In: Somites in Developing Embryos, R. Bellairs, D.A. Ede, and J.W. Lash (eds.), Plenum Publishing Co., New York. pp. 1-16.

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Anat. Rec. 218:175-181.

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J. Morph. 94:1-23.

1987 A.G. Jacobson. Determination and morphogenesis of axial structures: Mesodermal metamerism, shaping of the neural plate and tube, and segregation and functions of the neural crest.
In:Developmental and Evolutionary Aspects of the Neural Crest, P.F.A.Maderson (ed.), John Wiley and Sons, New York. pp.147-180.

1988 S.L. Smith, E.L. Whitmore, A.G. Jacobson, and R. Gordon. Three dimensional reconstruction of neurulation.
Proc. Micr. Soc. Canada 14:10-11.

1988 C.J. Drake and A.G. Jacobson. A survey by scanning electron microscopy of the extracellular matrix and endothelial components of the primordial chick heart.
Anat. Rec. 222:391-400.

1988 A.G. Jacobson and A.K. Sater. Features of embryonic induction.
Development 104:341-359.

1988 A.G. Jacobson. Somitomeres: Mesodermal segments of vertebrate embryos.
Development (Supplement) 104:209-220. A pdf here .

1989 J.D. Moury and A.G. Jacobson. Neural fold formation at newly created boundaries between neural plate and epidermis in the axolotl.
Dev. Biol. 133:44-57. A pdf is here .

1989 A. K. Sater and A.G. Jacobson. The specification of heart mesoderm occurs during gastrulation in Xenopus laevis.
Development 105:821-830. A pdf is here .

1990 A.K. Sater and A.G. Jacobson. The role of the dorsal lip in the induction of heart mesoderm in Xenopus laevis.
Development 108:461-470. A pdf is here .

1990 J.E. Mittenthal and A.G. Jacobson. The mechanics of morphogenesis in multicellular embryos.
In: Biomechanics of Active Movements and Deformations of Cells. (N. Akkas, ed.), Springer-Verlag, Berlin. pp. 295-401. A partial pdf here .

1990 J.D. Moury and A.G. Jacobson. The origins of neural crest cells in the axolotl.
Dev. Biol. 141:243-253. A pdf is here .

1990 A.K. Sater and A.G. Jacobson. The restriction of the heart morphogenetic field in Xenopus laevis.
Dev. Biol. 140:328-336. A pdf is here .

1991 A.G. Jacobson. Experimental analyses of the shaping of the neural plate and tube.
Amer. Zool. 31:628-643.

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In: Formation and Differentiation of the Mesoderm,(J.W. Lash and R. Bellairs, eds.), Plenum Press, New York. pp. 119-131.

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In: The Skull. Vol. I. (J. Hanken and B. Hall, eds.), The University of Chicago Press. pp. 42-76.

1993 J. Zhang and A.G. Jacobson. Evidence that the border of the neural plate may be positioned by the interaction between signals that induce ventral and dorsal mesoderm.
Developmental Dynamics 196:79-90. A pdf is here .

1994 A.G. Jacobson. Normal Neurulation in Amphibia.
In: Neural Tube Defects, (G. Bock & J. Marsh, eds.), Wiley, Chichester (Ciba Foundation Symposium 181). pp. 6-24.

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Dev. Biol. 171:98-110.

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In: Principles of Medical Biology. Bittar, E.E., and Bittar, N., eds. JAI Press Inc., Greenwich, CT.

1998 R.P.S. Jefferies and A.G. Jacobson. An Episode in the Ancestry of Vertebrates: From Mitrate to Crown-group Craniate.
Integrative Biology 1(4):115-132. here.

2001 A.G. Jacobson. Somites and Head Mesoderm Arise from Somitomeres.
In: The Origin and Fate of Somites. Sanders, E.J., Lash, J.W., and Ordahl, C.P., eds. IOS Press, Amsterdam. A pdf of this paper is here

2002 P. Dominguez, A.G. Jacobson and R.P.S. Jefferies. Paired gill slits in a fossil with a calcite skeleton.
Nature 417: 841-844. here.