Diversity | Inclusivity

The Jha Lab works within the Department of Integrative Biology and the College of Natural Sciences on a number of activities to enhance inclusivity at the lab, department, college, and university level.

Shalene Jha serves as the Diversity and Inclusivity (D&I) Liaison for the College of Natural Sciences and is a member of the CNS D&I committee (https://cns.utexas.edu/diversity/d-i-committee). Some examples of committee activities include the development of STEM recruiting events (https://cns.utexas.edu/graduate-education/graduate-programs/sure), the promotion of gender-neutral restrooms (https://diversity.utexas.edu/genderandsexuality/gender-inclusive-restrooms/), and the creation of D&I excellence awards (https://cns.utexas.edu/about/excellence-awards).  Shalene is also a member of the Integrative Biology Diversity and Inclusivity Committee, which acts as a sounding board for Integrative Biology students, faculty, and staff.


In the Department of Integrative Biology, we embrace and encourage diversity in many forms and are committed to inclusivity among our community members, including all students, staff, and faculty. We define diversity as people of different backgrounds, races, nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, beliefs, religions, socio-economic statuses, and more, and inclusivity as an approach where we respect, welcome, encourage, and engage diverse perspectives. Our strength and success as a department, graduate program, and university, is built on the foundation of a wide range of perspectives and experiences.