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BBC Science in Action radio interview of Dr. Shalene Jha  “Learning about bees through paternity tests for fruits” April 5, 2018

A Native Prairie Restoration for Pollinators Project, that Dr. Elinor Lichtenberg, Dr. Shalene Jha (UT Austin) and Dr. Kristen Baum (Oklahoma State) collaborate on, was written up in the Herald Democrat in January 2018.

The Daily Texan, The University of Texas at Austin; Small bees can pull their own weight in pollination Nov. 16, 2017:

UT News, The University of Texas at Austin; Study of Secret Sex Lives of Trees Finds Tiny Bees Play Big Part, Nov. 6, 2017:

National Public Radio, Science Friday interview on native bees and the (PNAS 2017) importance of species functional breadth in ecosystem function paper:

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Bumble bee papers (Molecular Ecology 2015) discussed on the Texas Standard and The Source:

Shade coffee work (Bioscience 2014) featured in the Huffington Post:

CA bumble bee research (PNAS 2013) discussed in the NY times:

Shade Coffee and pollinator research (PNAS 2010) discussed on Weekend Edition of All Things Considered, National Public Radio.

Shade Coffee seed disperser research (Current Biology 2008) discussed on Talk of the Nation Science Friday, National Public Radio.


Laurel Treviño, Outreach Program Coordinator, Jha Lab, Integrative Biology (512) 232-3521. The University of Texas at Austin, College of Natural Sciences, 1 University Station G2500, Austin, TX 78712

Lab members like to share their research with the public. Here are summaries of their research and public engagement activities. For more information on native pollinators, see UT Biodiversity Center.

The Jha Lab has participated in the Bee Campus committee working since 2018 to attain Bee Campus USA status from the Xerces Society. We’re collaborating with the UT Sustainability Center, BEEVO student beekeepers, the Moran Lab, CNS FRI ‘Bugs in Bugs’, and Landscape Services to make UT a Bee Campus in 2020! 

2018 and 2019 – The S.A.L.E. Ranch Rodeo Scholarship Committee, who funds CNS undergraduate scholarships, invited the Jha Lab to represent Integrative Biology at the San Antonio Rodeo – Texas Wildlife Expo. Laurel and many IB volunteers hosted hundreds of visitors who learned that native bees are part of Texas wildlife!

In 2018 and 2019 Laurel taught “Native Bees of Texas” at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. The half-day workshop includes lab and field components in addition to slide-based lecture. 20 adult students enthusiastically participated in each class, where observing native bees through scopes and in the Wildflower Center gardens were the highlights. It formed part of the 2018 and 2019 TPWD Pollinator Bioblitz too!

UT Pollinator Blitz 2017 was a success thanks to master naturalists, gardeners, CNS & UT Sustainability Office staff who came to learn about native bees. Survey photos were posted on #TXpollinators iNaturalist. Co-organizers of our campus event were Karen Bishop (NWF), Johnnie Smith (TPWD) and Laurel Treviño (Jha Lab).  TPWD Pollinator Blitz 2017;

UT Austin Sustainability Week, Pollinator Garden & Orchard Tour was led by Jen Hrobar of Landscape Services and Laurel Treviño of the Jha Lab in 2017 – photos

UT Environmental Science Institute Scientist in Residence Program – Megan O’Connell, graduate student and 2017 Scientist in Residence, shares her experience working with Laurel Mountain Elementary School, Round Rock ISD. In addition to working on her Ph.D. she’s a videographer, photographer, and education enthusiast!

Boy Scouts Event Summer 2017

UT – ESI Hot Science-Cool Talks, Dr. Shalene Jha Spring 2017

Waller Creek Conservancy/Animal Facts Club, Jha lab & LBJWFC – 2016






Laguna Gloria 2015 – Sara, Laurel, Megan, Kim

Laguna Gloria 2015

Laguna Gloria Kim Sarah Laguna Gloria girl w net Laguna Gloria Butterfly-Girl LupeLaguna Gloria boy bee box

Pollinator Nature Nights at Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center. The Jha Lab has hosted a table with educational exhibits and activities every year (4 years) since 2015.











CNS Family Day speaker Shalene Jha 2015

photo Laurel Trevino

photo Laurel Trevinophoto Laurel Trevino