Details for Chaptalia texana Texas Specimens in TEX/LL
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C. texana with Bimorphic Florets
Although the heads were well preserved, and no florets seemed to have been lost, a careful examination of all visible pistillate florets failed to turn up either a reduced ligule (type III) or a long–tubular corolla (type IV). The fact that both specimens were from late November (although separated by great distance and time) – the latest specimen dates in the collection – does not seem fortuitous.

Travis Co., 22 Nov 1923

Val Verde Co., 24 Nov 1984
C. texana with Trimorphic Florets: Reduced Ligulate or Long–tubular Eligulate
In my initial examination of all Texas C. texana specimens the following specimens seemed to be bimorphic, lacking ligulate florets. But upon examination of heads from several populations in N. Hays County, I discovered two types of peripheral florets that I was unaware of: (i) those with an essentially vestigial ligule blade, well below the style branches and (ii) those with long tubular (filiform) eligulate corollas only at the periphery of the head, and distinct from the short tubular corollas of the pistillate within the head. A reexamination of all putative bimorphic specimens revealed that all but two had one of these two reduced floret types and were thus trimorphic. [See discussion of type III and type type IV heads.]

Real Co., fall 1927

Uvalde Co., 30 April 1928
  • Kerr Co., 13 Oct 1967, D. S. Correll 35085 (LL)
  • Real Co., Oct., Nov. 1927, Dry Creek School 6553 (TEX)
  • Uvalde Co., 30 Apr 1928, E. J. Palmer 33636 (LL)
  • C. texana with Trimorphic (Ligulate) Heads

    Medina Co., 19 Apr 1926

    Real Co., 16 Apr 1957

    Val Verde Co., 25 Mar 1995
    Specimens which do not permit determination
  • Bastrop Co., 19 May 1996, W. R. Carr & P. McNeal 15394 (TEX)
  • Brewster Co., 9-Jan-1964, D. S. Correll & H B. Correll 30608 (LL)
  • Terrell Co., 5 Apr 2001, W. R. Carr 19495 (TEX)

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