Peripheral ligules have turned purple.

Chaptalia texana Intermediate Type II-III: Peripheral Florets with Small Ligules
by Bob Harms  email-here

A single plant selected for comparison in a shady grassy area c 200 feet from Deadman's Creek was found to have peripheral florets with ligules similar to those of both type II and type III as well as long tubular corollas as with type IV. The two extremes are illustrated with full images below. Intermediate forms are given in the table from smallest to largest. [Click on an image in the table to view an enlargement.]

Long tubular corolla with no ligule.

Well developed but reduced ligule.

A count of all florets from a type II-III head compared with (a) a type IV head and (b) the averages for a type III head.

  Type II-III Type IV averages for type III
long–tubular & ligulate 21 17 18 (reduced ligules)
short–tubular, pistillate 47 46 39
central perfect 8 9 12
total: 76 72 69

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