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Effects of 1988 Burn on Woody Plants

by Bob Harms  email-here

Ashe Juniper (Juniperus ashei)

Junipers are easily killed by wildfires, and they tend not to germinate in very dense KR bluestem. The effect of this fire was to kill a few junipers, but then open up the area for volunteers before the KR bluestem came back with a vengeance.

After burn

Later in 1988

All dead in 2007. New junipers emerged before the KR bluestem became dense.

Texas Barberry (Berberis swaseyi)

Central Texas Berberis species have a substantial subterranean root crown (lignotuber) that provides nourishment for recovery after the branches above ground are destroyed by fire. The three photos below are of the same plant.

Recovery later in 1988

Spring 1989

Submerged in KR bluestem, but looking good in 2007