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History of the Burn Field Prior to the Fire

by Bob Harms  email-here
My earliest photo of the burn area was in early 1977, before the fence was complete. Although cattle still come to graze, KR bluestem had already begun its explosive growth.

The burn area with cattle, early 1977.

By fall 1979 the KR bluestem had become a dense cover, as the mown path shows. The burn was above the path, and stopped when it hit the green grass of the path.

View toward the cabin. Burn area, left foreground, is bounded by the path.

By 1980 the KR bluestem seemed to have reached the limits of its area of dominence, and did not extend up the hillside above the burn area.

View from our north fence across the creek, 1980. Burn area is outlined with yellow.

In 1984 the deep channel of the mown path below the burn area is clearly visible from a distance.

View from the cabin, 1984.