October 2012 Collections of Three Central Texas Hedeoma Taxa
by Bob Harms  email-here

Central Texas Hedeoma taxa were apparently stimulated by the abundant fall rains in 2012. Since I knew that the 3 non-spring taxa — H. drummondii, H. reverchonii var. reverchonii, H. reverchonii var. serpyllifolia — were all present on the Shield Ranch in the western Travis County hill country, I requested and received permission to collect on October 8. Thanks to the sharp eyes and keen noses of Ranch Steward Terri Siegenthaler, her assistant Victoria Smith and my wife Sirpa I was able to collect all three for the TEX herbarium.

Identification was by scent, as was easily verified by all present; i.e.,

The images below present three characteristics that distinguish H. drummondii from the other two taxa, which, apart from scent, are not so clearly distinguished.

Click on image for enlargement.

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