Hedeoma Seedling Leaves
by Bob Harms  email-here

The literature discussing the Hedeoma drummondii complex mentions ontogenetic variation in leaf morphology, but it is never clear whether the statements are in reference to seasonal dimorphism or plant development; e.g., R.S. Irving 1968 mentions ‘juvenile’ forms, indicating:

Juvenile foliage densely and evenly villous pubescent, otherwise a diminutive of adult. (p. 258)

Volunteer seedlings of H. drummondii in my greenhouse in late February, shown below, lack the pubescence of winter leaves, and the first true leaves have well developed glands. These seedlings were immediately moved outdoors to a sunny location, but subsequent development by the end of March, shown at the bottom, indicate that the absence of pubescence did not result from the greenhouse shelter.

H. drummondii seedlings (cult., 24 February 2013) [click image for detail]

The above seedlings on March 20

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