by Bob Harms ()

The Palmettos of Praha (Fayette County)

Praha Church

Mulberry Creek detail

A large robust population of Sabal palmettos is located in the small town of Praha, Fayette Co. These are morphologically similar to Sabal palmetto and to the Sabal × brazoriensis; i.e., tall trunks, small (pea-sized) fruits, and costapalmate leaves. The tallest palm dates to the second half of the 19th century and stands next to the parsonage and above the church.

Other arborescent palms are located at the base of the church hill, across the road along a drainage behind a sourvenir kiosk; c. 1/2 mile to the east, along Mulberry Creek (several shown above); and on the east edge of the cemetary above the church.

Larger palmettos in drainage below the church.
The drainage area also contains numerous small palms.

Smaller palmettos in drainage.