by Bob Harms ()

The Distribution of Sabal Palmettos at Purola Preserve

Clicking on a placemark in the window below will open a smaller window in the same frame with the placemark ID and an image of the palm at that point. But this Google Map window has very limited ability to display the images associated with each placemark or the descriptive text associated with it. If you are interested in this information, I strongly suggest that you download the following Google Earth file (only 7 KB) and open that in the (free) Google Earth application. An additional advantage is that in Google Earth the ID of each placemark is shown on the map when the cursor is placed over it.
Download the Palm file for Google Earth

A major creek (Deadman's Creek) runs south to north through the center of the map, with a large tank (Purola Lake) and earthen dam shown at the bottom. It is interesting to note that the volunteer Brazoria palmettos are primarily on the west side of the creek, uphill as well as upstream from the mother palm.

Some placemark ID's worth noting:

Sabal × brazoriensis
BS1 The trunked mother palm; source of seeds for all volunteers.
Sabal × brazoriensis with multisegmented leaves:
BS13 In seasonally moist area, under large dead Spanish oaks
D20 Just S of the Purola fence; adjacent to dam overflow.
BS5A In seasonally moist area along a mown trail; associates include Verbsina virginica
Sabal minor:
DP1 Rescue S. minor with well developed leaves

Key to placemark symbols on the map
Sabal × brazoriensis
S. minor
S. mexicana
Possibly either Sabal × brazoriensis or S. mexicana

This link provides a second way of viewing the map. It is much larger and has two columns: (1) a list of placemarks and their IDs; (2) the map itself. The left column can be removed with the cursor to give a wider view, but the problem of finding the placemarks on the map and viewing the associated image and text is the same.