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Family Cyperaceae
Carex to Cyperus
Index to images of herbarium specimens of Travis County species

Carex austrina [Specimen1]
Carex blanda
Carex brittoniana [Specimen1]
Carex bulbostylis [Specimen1]
Carex cherokeensis
Carex crus-corvi
Carex edwardsiana [Specimen1]
Carex emoryi [Specimen1]
Carex frankii [Specimen1]
Carex microdonta [Specimen1]
Carex muehlenbergii var. enervis [Specimen1]
Carex muehlenbergii var. muehlenbergii [Specimen1]
Carex perdentata [Specimen1]
Carex planostachys [Specimen1]
Carex tetrastachya
Cladium mariscus var. jamaicense [Specimen1]
Cyperus acuminatus [Specimen1]
Cyperus articulatus [Specimen1]
Cyperus croceus [Specimen1]
Cyperus croceus X retrorsus
Cyperus difformis [Specimen1]
Cyperus echinatus [Specimen1]
Cyperus echinatus X filiculmis
Cyperus elegans [Specimen1]
Cyperus entrerianus
Cyperus erythrorhizos [Specimen1]
Cyperus esculentus [Specimen1] [Specimen2] [Specimen3]
Cyperus floribundus [Specimen1]
Cyperus involucratus [Specimen1]
Cyperus iria [Specimen1]
Cyperus lupulinus [Specimen1]
Cyperus ochraceus [Specimen1]
Cyperus odoratus [Specimen1]
Cyperus pseudothyrsiflorus [Specimen1]
Cyperus pseudovegetus [Specimen1]
Cyperus retroflexus [Specimen1]
Cyperus retrorsus [Specimen1]
Cyperus rotundus [Specimen1]
Cyperus setigerus [Specimen1]
Cyperus squarrosus [Specimen1]
Cyperus strigosus [Specimen1]
Cyperus surinamensis [Specimen1]