Amanda Wallace – Public Relations Committee Co-Chair

Name: Amanda Wallace

Major: Biology

Officer Position: Public Relations Committee Co-Chair

Officer Duty: My job, along with my compatriot Danielle Hoyer, is to spread the word about SURGe and to make sure that there is no Natural Science major on this campus who has not been handed a flyer that was hand-crafted by the Public Relations committee. We also like to make sure that everyone knows where to buy plants on Fridays, an end often achieved with copious amounts of chalk and quarter flyers.

SURGe Past: I joined SURGe after they gave away the little plants at orientation. I figured any organization that trusts me with life is pretty cool. Granted I lost that plant, but I managed to remember the name of the organization. I was on the Fundraising committee my freshman year and I painted many a pot, so when you go by the greenhouse, look for a pot that has either a Harry Potter reference or lots of paint drips. That pot is probably one of my masterpieces.

Research Experience: I had a basic chemistry lab this summer, so I titrated things. And I walked through a lab on a lab tour. That’s all I’ve got so far. Hopefully this fall will bring some more experience.

About Me: I am a woman of many interests, the main one being reading. I very much enjoy almost any fiction novel I come across, with sci-fi/ fantasy being of particular interest to me. Ray Bradbury is currently my favorite author. I’m also quite the Harry Potter fanatic (I’m in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart!). My second great obsession is The Beatles, and I honestly can’t recall a time that I didn’t love this band. Possibly when I was a zygote, but that doesn’t count. As for sports, I can only say that I will be at every football home game we have, cheering and screaming and being kind of obnoxious. Ask Danielle, she’s seen it. I get vicious. Lastly, if I ever randomly talk about an “Annie”, just know that that’s my dog and I love her dearly.


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