Alyssa Koeter – President

Name: Alyssa Koeter

Major: Public Health

Year: 3rd Year

Position: President

Duties: I serve as the main representative and figurehead of SURGe, working for the best interest of the organization and its members. I construct the framework of which all our activities are centered around, and make the organization run smoothly along with the help of the officers and our dedicated members.

Research Experience: I was part of the Freshman Research Initiative and Aptamer stream during the spring of 2012.

SURGe Past: I have been part of SURGe for the past two years and have been very involved in it. I was treasurer during the spring of 2013, and I’ve been a committee member of FRC and PRC in the past.

About Me: I love football, UT, reading sci-fi books, and pandas. In addition to being a member of SURGe, I am part of Texas APO (we run the really big Texas flag at football games!) and Army ROTC.

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