Francis Shue – PR Co-Chair

Name: Francis Shue

Major: Cell and Molecular Biology

Year: Junior

Position: Public Relations Committee Co-Chair

Duties: My job is to work with Greg Knauf to design, print, distribute, and post flyers all around campus! Yay flyers!

Research Experience: I am currently part of the Drew Lab. I used to work under Dr. Swan, but I’m now just a research assistant. I do studies on neurogenesis and development. I’m looking forward to not being laid off since the post doc I work under left her position.

SURGe Past: I joined my freshman year, but I never really showed up. I started getting more involved last year and… BAM! PR! Huzzah!

About Me: If you were to describe me as one word… Quirky. I’m an published author, novelist, researcher, scientist, voice actor, musician, cosplayer, gamer, nerd, and otaku. If you want to talk to me about anime, manga, D&D, etc. WE CAN BE BEST FRIENDS. I welcome oddity with open arms, just come talk to me! Also I’m an INTJ personality if anyone likes that.

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