Greg Knauf – PR Co-chair

Name: Greg Knauf

Major: Microbiology

Year: Junior

Position: Public Relations Committee Co-chair

Duties: My job, along with my compatriot Francis Shue, is to spread the word about SURGe and to make sure that there is no Natural Science major on this campus who has not been handed a flyer that was hand-crafted by the Public Relations committee. We also like to make sure that everyone knows where to buy plants on Fridays, an end often achieved with copious amounts of chalk and quarter flyers.

Research Experience: I am currently conducting research on nosocomial pathogens, specifically Acinetobacter baumannii’s resistance to biocides and antibiotics.

SURGe Past: This is my secondy year in SURGe, and my first year as an officer.

About Me: Things I enjoy science, sports, video games, board games, Dr. Who, Psych, and outdoor activities.

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