Albert Lee – VP Events

Name: Albert Lee

Major: Undeclared

Year: 2nd year

Position: Vice President of Events

Duties: I am responsible for organizing our monthly lab tours and university-wide research promotion events such as ROADS to Research in the Fall and SURF in the Spring. Let me know if you guys have any ideas on how we can improve what we’ve done in the past. Of course our aim is to provide substance, but it’s always better if we can make it fun for you guys.

Research Experience: I currently research antibiotics under Dr. Gregory Palmer and Dr. Marvin Whiteley. My previous experience includes research on the relationship between mitochondrial dysfunction and cancer, which I did under Dr. Yidong Bai at the UT Health Science Center at San Antonio.

SURGe Past: I’ve been in SURGe for a year now, so this is my first officer position. I generally help out with FRC but I’ll sometimes lend a hand elsewhere.

About Me: I’m a dryly sarcastic nerd. I’m a nerd because I was raised by an oversized team of overweight bureaucrats. And due to the oversight of those overweight bureaucrats, I was bitten by an over-radiated pigeon. That should have killed me, but instead it somehow gave me venomous sarcasm glands. That’s where the dry sarcasm comes from. I use this power of sarcasm as a comic artist for the Daily Texan. When I’m not trying to look busy doing science or comics, I spite overweight bureaucrats by wasting my productivity on video games, the internet, piano music and sleeping. And if I’m not doing any of the above then I’m probably socializing (gasp! Nerds socialize?!) with anyone who isn’t an overweight bureaucrat.

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