Sarah McNally-Durkin – FRC Co-Chair

Name: Sarah McNally-Durkin

Major: Biology Pre-Veterinary

Year: 3rd Year

Position: Fundraising Committee Co-Chair

Duties: To raise money for SURGe by having weekly plant sales, selling t-shirts at weekly meetings, and by whatever other avenues available. Additionally we are in charge of caring for the greenhouse and its plants to ensure SURGe will have a means to raise funds in the future. We organize

Research Experience: I have worked under Dr. Theresa Jones since Spring 2012 studying neural plasticity and the neurobiology of learning and memory after brain damage. Using model organisms we study animal behavior to better understand the neural mechanisms of behavioral compensation for brain damage and attempt to focus on motor rehabilitation.

SURGe Past: I signed up for the SURGe mailing list during my freshman orientation, showed up the first Friday meeting, and I’ve been here ever since! I was the most active member my freshman year, attending every weekly meeting and FRC meeting, and the next year I was one of the fundraising committee chairs! I’ve loved the role and I look forward to continuing!

About Me: I’m pretty weird. Well, no, I’m actually really weird. I like rainbows and Pokemon and running. I’m an actual five year old and I like to play in the dirt and sweat and eat my weight in crummy Chinese buffets. There’s little I don’t like actually! I like every color, every genre of music, every type of food, the list goes on. I have a pet dog and a bunny, as well as a younger brother and sister, and I’ve been working at a vet clinic for about three years now! Come talk to me!

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