Tipparat Umrod – Faculty Liaison

Name: Tipparat Umrod

Major: Computational Biology/Computer Science

Year: Sophmore

Position: Faculty Liaison

Duties: Basically, my job is to look for a speaker, who usually is a professor or a researcher at UT. I invite them to come and be a part of SURGe meeting. SURGe has speakers come at least once a month. It is important to have researchers in varies fields to come and to talk about their experience. SURGe is a place to explore the science research world.

Research Experience: Currently, I’m working in Dr.Jones’ lab, which focuses on neurobiology of learning and memory and neural plasticity after stroke.

SURGe Past: I have been a SURGe member since my first semester in college (Fall 2012), and have been helping SURGe in many events, like Longhorn Halloween, UT Explore, and Forty Acre Fest. I am also a part of Web Development Committee, which updating and maintaining the SURGe website. I attend almost all of the SURGe meetings, socials, and events.

About Me: Most people just called me “Tipp,” a short version of my name. I come from Thailand but don’t worry I’m getting better at speaking English. I love eating, cooking, reading, and sleeping. Despite the fact that I love horror/thriller movies, I still cannot watch them alone. My favourites are The Eye (Original version), The Shutter, Phobia, and The Sixth Sense. Other than surfing the web, I watch anime, especially Case Closed (aka Detective Conan) that is now airing its 695th episode. For music, I like rock/indie/pop. Michael Buble, Jason Mraz, Vampire weekend, Tegan and Sara are among my favourites.

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