Danielle Hoyer – VP Outreach

Name: Danielle Hoyer

Year: Junior

Major: Public Health

Officer Position: Vice President of Outreach

Officer Duties: I am in charge of coordinating all committee events with particular emphasis on all community service and outreach events. I also work with the President and other VP to plan and coordinate SURGe events.

SURGe Past: I joined SURGe my freshman year after learning about it at freshman orientation. It was a great way to meet new people while also learning about topics I love. I actively volunteered at many events like Longhorn Halloween and the ESI talks. Its great to have all ages become interested in science! I also can be found at the greenhouse every Friday for the plant sales, its a great place to relax and fundraise at the same time!

Research Experience: I was a part of the Aptamer stream in the FRI program under Dr. Ellington. I worked in this lab and pursued an independent project through the fall of my sophomore year. I am currently not working in a research lab, but am looking forward to applying to Public health internships before grad school.

About Me: I am pretty nerdy/geeky when it comes to science. I have a bunch of nerdy science shirts that I love to wear and I am a dedicated Big Bang Theory fan. In my free time I (still) enjoy playing Pokemon on my Gameboy Color. I am an animal lover and I have two wonderful Golden Retrievers back home in San Antonio. My music tastes vary widely from week to week, you are just as likely to hear me listening to top 40 as classical, country, or alternative types. If I’m not studying you can probably find me curled up with a good book and my iPod.

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