Collin Johnson – President


Name: Collin Johnson

Major: Pre-Med/ Human Biology Major

Officer Position: President

Officer Duties: I am the representative of the Science Undergraduate Research
Group as a whole in official matters. It is my duty to plan and coordinate all SURGe
events and activities.

SURGe Past: I have been a part of SURGe since day 1 of my freshman year at UT. For
the past 2 years, I have dedicated much of my time to this organization, first as an
active member through participation in both the fundraising and public relations
committees. I participated in the Friday plant sells as often as I could and worked
at as many of the events as I could. I helped form the SURF committee during that
year to help prepare for the event by setting up decorations, making posters, and
preparing games. In my second year I was the Faculty Liaison for SURGe, where
I served as the link between the UT faculty and SURGe members. It became my
responsibility to contact speakers for lecture meetings, as well as organize scientific
lectures from professors for our bigger events throughout the year. Through this job
I also learned much about the overall management of an organization.

Research Exp: I am a member of Dr. Aaron Baker’s Lab in the Biomedical
Engineering Department. This lab specializes in cardiovascular biology, specifically
devices and interventional techniques to prevent atherosclerosis. My research
focuses on syndecan-1, which regulates the activity of heparin-binding growth
factors. I am studying the functional role syndecan-1 plays in atherosclerotic lesion
formation. I also work with Apoliprotein (Apo) E deficient mice that have high levels
of plasma cholesterol and therefore develop complex atherosclerotic lesions.

About Me: I am a dependable and very trustworthy person. Once I have set myself
to a task, I am very dedicated and get my work done promptly and efficiently.
Apparently I have a sarcastic or dry humor, but one that people tend to like or find
funny. I am an avid reader. I love novels with enigmatic riddles locked in cryptic
runes that, if solved, will answer the questions that have baffled human kind since
the beginning of time. Many novels I read deal with such questions as current as
today’s headlines and as old as biblical writings. My favorite author is James Rollins.
However, I also love fantasy and sci-fi novels as well. Random fact about me: I am
actually deaf in my right ear. I like to think that this has made me a more conscience
and effective listener though. I am always available to talk with and I am a really
open-minded, easy-going person. Don’t be afraid to come get to know me in person!

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