Jessica Yang – Treasurer

Name: Jessica Yang

Major: Undeclared/Pre-Pharmacy

Officer Position: Treasurer

Officer Duties: Apply for funding, keep track of SURGe budget, order food for meetings

Surge Past: I have been in SURGe since the beginning of my freshman year. I go to weekly

meetings and volunteer events, and I try help out at the greenhouse and weekly plant sales

whenever possible.

Research Experience: I currently am an assistant in Dr. Duvauchelle’s pharmacology and

toxicology research laboratory. I count and analyze ultrasonic vocalizations emitted by rats.

About me: I am currently a second year pre-pharmacy student. I absolutely love science and

hope to be a student at UT’s College of Pharmacy in the near future. My favorite activities

include playing tennis, listening to good rock music, volunteering, laughing, and smiling! I

am not a big television watcher, but my favorite shows are Fringe, The Big Bang Theory, and

Myth Busters. In addition, I am a HUGE sports fan. My favorite sports to watch are basketball,

football, tennis, and all action sports. Lastly, I love animals and the environment! My favorite

animal is the turtle, and I just recently became a vegetarian and am an avid recycler!

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