Leslie Ynalvez – Events Chair

Name: Leslie Ynalez
Position: Events Chair
Job Duties: I am responsible for organizing and planning SURGe events such as SURF, URF, and monthly lab tours.
SURGe Past: I started in SURGe as a member my freshman year, getting involved through plant sales and lectures. Last year was my first year as a SURGe officer, serving as Research Shadowing Liaison and representing SURGe in research info sessions.
Research Experience: I worked with Dr. Khurana’s lab, tackling olfactory learning of Drosophila.  I was involved in tracking larval behavior in response to certain stimuli, and  delved further into larval response to heat shock as the unconditioned stimulus to tap into larval memory and learning. Last summer, I got my first experience with stem cell research, mentored by Dr. Chai Chou and our PI Dr. Lim Kah Leong. My research objective focused on the induced differentiation of somatic cells into pluripotent stem cells.

A Little About Me: I wish I could say one of my hobbies is playing an instrument, but it’s been so long since I last played one. But I am into dance, more of ballet. I’ve learned to love playing soccer, but definitely not competitively. I grew up in Baton Rouge for a part of my life, so aside from being a Texas fan, I am an LSU Tiger fan. My music taste is just mainstream alternative and country music.

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