Gerardo Tejada – Webmaster

Name: Gerardo Tejada
Major: Computer Science
Year in School: 2nd Year
Officer Position: Webmaster

Officer Duties: I am responsible for creating the new SURGe website. I am also in charge of maintaining it by updating new posts and making it look more attractive.

SURGe Past: I’ve been in SURGe since my freshmen year at UT. I’ve been involved with the website since becoming a member by being part of the Website Development Committee.

About Me: I was born in El Salvador and moved to Texas when I was young, so I have the privilege to claim two home nations. I enjoy European football (soccer) and am a Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Houston Dynamo fan. I also enjoy the piano and numerous Playstation and Nintendo video games (FIFA is the best gaming franchise ever created). Moreover, as a CS major I really enjoy programming and technology-related things. I am proficient in Java and some PHP/HTML. Python and C++ are next on my list.

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