Cristy Portales – Public Relations Committee Chair

Name: Cristy Portales

Major: Biochemistry

Officer Position: Public Relations Committee Chair

Officer Duties: Coordinating the activities of the PR Committee which is in charge of letting the

world know about SURGe and our events. We do flyer design, distribution, social networking and a

lot of creative advertising.

SURGe Past: I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy SURGe since my first semester at UT as a member

of the Public Relations Committee. I especially liked the volunteering events because they give us a

chance to interact with little kids and get them interested in science. But what surprised me the most

was how the lectures and workshops helped me during my first year; from understanding how the

science world works to having a conversation about nano materials and not remembering where it

came from… well that’s a SURGer!

Research Experience: I am part of the FRI Stream Biology of Biofuels. We study switchgrass as a possible

source of biomass to produce ethanol. To do this, we look at it from a variety of perspectives

including genetics, the physiology of the plant and the symbiotic relationships it forms with other

organisms. This semester I will be starting a project regarding fungal symbiosis.

About Me: I am an international student from Mexico! As a child I used to move a lot so I really

love traveling and exploring any place I’m in. Meeting new people and getting a glimpse how they see

their world is intriguing to me. One of the reasons why I love UT is this; the amazing array of people

it attracts and all the different stories we all bring.

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