Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I join SURGe?
A: Joining SURGe is simple. All you have to do it to attend our meetings and events. Add yourself to the emailing list (check tabs above) for detailed updates on upcoming meetings, events research opportunities, and more!

Q: Do you have any membership dues or prerequisites?
A: No, there is no charge for membership nor are there any prerequisites. We are open to any major who is interested in research.

Q: When and where are the meetings again?
A: Every Thursday at 5pm in Wel 3.402. Don’t forget to invite your friends to come because, you know, we have free food 😉

Q: I’m already in FRI. Why should I join SURGe?
A: I’m tempted to say because we’re just that awesome, but that is not a legit answer for many of you. The difference between FRI and SURGe is that FRI is an actual program that is funded by the College of Natural Sciences themselves. It is something that you are doing for class credit. SURGe is a student organization that unites undergraduates, who are interested in research, as a social community. We serve as a liaison between faculty and students while promoting research to undergraduates who are not aware of the opportunity. Regardless of whether you are in FRI or not, we encourage you to come join us at our meetings and learn more about undergraduate research.

Q: I cannot attend the general meetings, but I still would like to participate in SURGe. How can I do that?
A: First, thank you for your continued interest in our organization. Second, we have two committees that you can join (one or the other or both if you have the time). We have a Fundraising Committee, which deals with our fundraising events and manages the greenhouse, and the Public Relations Committee, which advertises our events in whatever way possible. If we also have any future events that needs volunteers (Longhorn Halloween is one example), you can sign up for those as well. Just keep an eye out.

Here are the committee contacts if you wish to learn more:
Fundraising –>
Public Relations –>

Web Development –>



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