Ciara McDaniel: Webmaster

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Name: Ciara McDaniel

Major(s): Petroleum Engineering and Government

Year: Sophomore

Position: Webmaster

Research Experience: I don’t have any research experience, but I look forward to becoming more involved with research relating to the oil and gas industries in the future.

Duties: I am in charge of maintaining the SURGe website and helping to give SURGe a more professional aura. I also try to assist the other officers however I can.

SURGe Past: I joined my Freshman year and helped with plant sales.

About Me: I’m interested in just about everything, and I’m always eager to become more involved on campus. I’m particularly interested in energy and the environment, specifically how the oil and gas industries impact the environment. I adore small furry animals and would definitely get a dog if I wasn’t a college student. I absolutely love reading and drawing in my free time, and I enjoy building websites (feel free to check out the EXPO 2016 website that I helped to build if you’re an engineer). If you have any questions about SURGe, websites, or life in general, come talk to me at one of our weekly meetings! To learn more about me check out my LinkedIn page.


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