Sterling Owen: Fundraising Committee Co-Chair

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Name: Sterling Owen

Year: Sophomore

Major: Physics

Position: Co-Chair of Fundraising Committee

Duties: I help Katie take care of and sell the plants we use to keep SURGe dues free!

Research Experience: None yet

SURGe Past: I joined as a freshman and became an officer the next year.

About Me: I’m an accent-lacking Aussie who enjoys gaming and the company of friends. Other things I like include physics, snow skiing, that show Archer, battling my body’s natural urge to become nocturnal, dogs that are not Chihuahuas, cats that are not cats, drivers who know that indicators exist, fighting dingoes trying to eat babies, ironically making terrible jokes until they’re no longer ironic, and snacks. I might seem quiet, but I’m always happy to chat!
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