Aimi Tanada – President


Name: Aimi Tanada
Major: Biology (Ecology, Evolution, Behavior), Music, Environmental Science
Year: 4th year

Position: President
Duties: I serve as the main representative and figurehead of SURGe, working for the best interest of the organization and its members. I construct the framework in which all our activities are centered around, and make the organization “work” along with the help of the officers and our dedicated members.

Research: I am currently a mentor and researcher in Dr. Alan Lloyd’s FRI-Cell Fate Regulation Stream. Our research focuses on genetic pathway analysis of key regulator genes in the model organism Arabidopsis thaliana. Basically, we mess around with genes in plants :)

SURGe: I joined SURGe my first semester at UT and have been with these research-loving people for 3 years. I’ve been a part of the FRC and I’ve also helped out the PRC in times of need. I’ve also been an officer in the past as secretary, then as the vice president and am hoping to work hard to make this organization even more resourceful and exciting for the upcoming year!


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