Sarah McNally – FRC Co-Chair

Name: Sarah McNally-Durkin
Major: Pre-Veterinary / Biology Major
Officer Position: Fundraising Committee Co-Chair

Officer Duties: I am in charge of raising money for SURGe to maintain the no-dues nature of SURGe and provide funds for our endeavors by having weekly plant sales at the Painter greenhouse or West Mall and selling t-shirts at weekly meetings.

SURGe Past: I joined SURGe at the beginning of my freshman year and have attended almost every Friday meeting, every FRC meeting and plant sale, and regularly help table, set up, or break down at major events. I was the most active member Fall 2011 and Spring 2012.

Research Exp: I started to work with Dr. Theresa Jones in her lab midway through the Spring 2012 semester. The lab’s research interests are the neurobiology of learning and memory and neural plasticity after brain damage using rats and mice as model organisms. We seek to answer how the brain changes in response to altered behavioral experience and adaptation to injury.

About Me: I own more plants than years to my name. I have been working at an animal clinic for over two years now and I love it. I love food to the point where it becomes one of the seven deadly sins. I also volunteer at Austin Pets Alive! in their Parvo Intensive Care Unit regularly. Rainbow anything is fantastic in my book but rainbow food and rainbow tie-dye are personal favorites of mine. I am a huge nerd. A large portion of my wardrobe is tie-dye, most of which I make myself. I love Stephen King and horror movies. I love horse back riding, running, cycling, hiking, taking walks, and swimming. I go to anime conventions regularly and cosplay.  I also like to knit, play video games, read, nap, watch television/movies, bake, cook, and roll around the internet. I could spend days at a time on Netflix and I listen to every kind of music you can think of. I’m a hippy at heart. I speak French and adore French culture.

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