Vidya Bondada – Vice President of Outreach

Name: Vidya Bondada
Major: Cell and Molecular Biology, Pre-med
Social Inequality, Health and Policy, Bridging Disciplines Program
Minor in Classical Civilization
Year: Junior

Position: Vice President of Outreach

Duties:  I oversee the outward face of SURGe and make sure we are well-known on campus, from our great website to our flyers to our meetings.  I coordinate events with the Fundraising and Public Relations Committees as well as the Webmaster and set up socials.  I also work closely with the President and Vice-President of Events to plan major SURGe events like ROADS to Research.

SURGe Past: I have been in SURGe since my first semester at UT and was active in the Fundraising Committee.  Last year, I was a Co-Chair for the Fundraising Committee and also maintained the SURGe blog.  I have helped with numerous freshman orientations as well as helped give presentations about undergraduate research.  I look forward to another great year of SURGe as Vice President of Outreach.

Research Experience: I worked in the FRI Biobricks Stream, led by Dr. Karen Browning.  I cloned genes to observe differential protein expression in Arabidopsis thaliana due to two isoforms of the translation initiation complex, eIF4F and eIFiso4F.  Dr. Browning is curious about why plants have two different protein complexes and wonders if one is used preferentially to translate genes necessary to deal with stressful conditions like high salt and low water levels.

About Me: I like to sing (mostly pop).  I love to read.  I am very passionate about classical mythology, so I am a HUGE fan of the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series.  My favorite shows are Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.  If you like these things, too, or enjoy analyzing literature, I would love to talk about them with you!

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