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SURF (2/10/12)

Science Undergraduate Research Fair (SURF)
Friday, February 10 @ 3-5pm; SAC Blackbox Theater

Yes! It’s almost here! SURF is one of our biggest events of the semester, and we want to go ALL OUT! This year’s theme is “SURF the Web”, so we’ll be hosting many distinguished faculty members in computer science research! The program will begin with our opening speaker, Dr. Ray Chen, and then we’ll be moving on to our social activities before concluding with our other two speakers, Dr. Dana Ballard and Dr. Mary Hayhoe! On top of that, there will be GAMES, there will be PRIZES, there will FREE T-SHIRTS, and (wait for it) FREE FOOD! Yes, the entire event is for FREE, so come out and celebrate the breakthroughs and accomplishments of research with us, the SURGe team!

Note: the first 100 people to sign up will be eligible for their FREE T-SHIRT, so sign up now to ensure your spot! The sign up is here –>



Opening Speaker: Ray Chen

Ray Chen is a professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at
The University of Texas Austin, and holds the Cullen Trust for Higher Education Endowed Professorship
in Engineering. Chen is the director of the Nanophotonics and Optical Interconnects Research Lab,
at the Microelectronics Research Center. He is also the director of the newly formed AFOSR MURI-Center
for Silicon Nanomembrane involving faculty from Stanford, UIUC, Rutgers, and UT Austin.
The research topics are focused on three main subjects:
(1) Nano-photonic passive and active devices for sensing and interconnect applications, (2) Thin film guided-wave
optical interconnection and packaging for 2D and 3D laser beam routing and steering, and (3) True time delay
(TTD) wide band phased array antenna (PAA).  Experiences garnered through these programs in polymeric and
semi-conducting material processing and device integration are pivotal elements for his research work.
Closing Speaker:
(1) Dr. Dana Ballard
“My main research interest is in computational theories of the brain with emphasis on human vision. In 1985 Chris Brown and I led a team that designed and built a high speed binocular camera control system capable of simulating human eye movements. The system was mounted on a robotic arm that allowed it to move at one meter per second in a two meter radius workspace. This system has led to an increased understanding of the role of behavior in vision. The theoretical aspects of that system were summarized in a paper “Animate Vision,” which received the Best Paper Award at the 1989 International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Currently I am interested in pursuing this research by using model humans in virtual reality environments. In addtion I am interested in models of the brain that relate to detailed neural codes. A position paper on this work appeared in the Behavioral and Brain Sciences.” I directly asked Dr. Ballard to gear his talk towards why computer science research is important and how it has the potential to better our way of life. I told him that it will be awesome if he could talk about his research in vision, the current dilemma we are facing in vision technology and computer science, and how his research could potentially solve these dilemmas.
(2) Dr. Mary Hayhoe
“Vision naturally occurs in the context of voluntary information gathering movements involving the eyes, head, and hand. However, much work in vision is dominated by trying to understand the events occurring within a single view of a scene, and we have only limited understanding of the consequences of eye and head movements for vision and visuo-motor coordination. The technology to look at performance in more natural circumstances now exists, and I am currently developing a human sensory-motor lab, in collaboration with Dana Ballard in Computer Science, for measuring unconstrained eye, head, and hand movements in the performance of natural tasks, and for developing a virtual reality display to allow controlled but visually complex stimulation. We also have the capability of providing force feedback for two finger grasping. The new instrumentation allows a large range of experiments not previously possible. My objective is to understand the demands placed on vision and motor systems by natural behavior and the nature of the representations that are required for visually guided tasks.”

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General Meeting (2/3/12)

Hooray for our second meeting! This week’s meeting will dig deep into the science of kissing with distinguished speaker, Dr. Sheril Kirshenbaum! Now’s a good time to start prepping for Valentine’s Day coming up in a couple of weeks, and what better why to start it out than with your friendly neighborhood SURGe team? After the meeting, we will have free food provided.


West Mall Plant Sale
Friday, February 3 @ 10am-4pm; West Mall Area
Our first fundraising event of the semester! If you know anyone in dire need of plants in their room, bring them along to our plant sale! This week we have flowering plants, so just in time for Valentine’s Day! Check out our Facebook page for our list of plants –> Also, we encourage our members to help table for the event if you have the time (and you can also get more points). Again, contact for more information.

Public Relations Committee Meeting (PRC)
Every Thursday @ 5pm; TBA
Our public relations committee is in charge of making the SURGe flyers and getting our name out onto campus. There is also a new sub-committee called the Web Development Committee where you can learn about maintaining the SURGe website and other cool tech applications like Photoshop. Right now, they need help with SURGe t-shirt designs and SURF, so if you are interested in networking with faculty and publicizing SURGe, come to their meeting this Thursday at 5pm. You also get points for going to this committee meeting as well! Meeting location is to be determined.

If you have any questions about PRC, please email them at

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First General Meeting (1/27/12)

We are kicking things off this semester with our first meeting next Friday, January 27th @ 4pm in PAI 3.02. We have some fun prepared to welcome you all back from the break, as well as a presentation by Dr. Simmons. Every spring, the college of NS hosts the Undergraduate Research Forum (URF). This big April event is a great way to connect with undergrad researchers all across UT as well as present your own research. Dr. Simmons will introduce the event to us next Friday and elaborate on why YOU should present during the event, or (big picture) just why researchers should want to present their research at poster sessions and conferences. We are quite honored to have Dr. Simmons sharing her perspective and valuable advice on the importance of scientific communication with us. I hope you can all make it out.
And, of course, that is only the beginning. We have a fantastic line-up ready for you this Spring! We will be updating our website this weekend with all the new information, and will continue to rely heavily on the site in the future as an efficient way to organize our events and present information to you. Be sure to bookmark us and keep up!
We are also making several changes this semester. We strive to continuously improve SURGe, both by being innovative as an organization and through listening to your comments. Our line up, as always, reflects the voice and interest of our members in its diversity. We have the ball rolling now with the start of Spring semester… but we can’t do it alone.
One of the bigger changes we are making involves everyones favorite PR committee: it’s evolving into something more hands on and interactive! PR is adding on a small Web Development wing to the committee. This will be headed by our webmaster, Gerardo Tejada, so if any of you are interested in learning and taking part, please let PR know ( In addition, we will be using our PR committee to channel our networking capabilities to the max to allow for up close views into researching labs on campus! Again, please let our PR officers know if you are interested in taking part in this brand new project. I am personally very excited for this! We will give all of you a full detailing next Friday, but for now we would like your help letting everyone on campus know we mean business! We will also be doing some tabling in WEL main lobby next Thursday (the 26th) from 10am-4pm and would love to see your bright, smiling faces there with us when you have some time! At least drop by and ask us how our break was :)
We hope you are as excited as we are for the new semester. We aim to make SURGe bigger and better than ever before! I look forward to seeing you next Friday!
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General Meeting (11/18/11)

The controversial topic of heated debate since forever is evolution. To get set in the mood, we will be watching a short video about evolution before distinguished speaker, Dr. Singer, gives his talk about his research on intelligent design versus evolution. He will be discussing about evolution as it pertains to politics, how it affects research today, and why it is such a controversial issue in college, so start putting on your thinking caps! As always, free food will be provided afterward.

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General Meeting (11/11/11)

Wildfire Meeting
Friday 11/11 @ 4pm, PAI 3.02
The UTME Embers Team, composing of Dr. Ofodike Ezekoye, graduate student Kristopher Overholt, and undergraduates Andrew Kurzawski and Jan-Michael Cabrera, will be our distinguished guests for this week’s meeting. Free food will be provided afterwards.

– If you would like to learn more about the UTME Embers Team, you can check out this cool article here –>


Capture the Flag – Versus Natural Science Council
Friday 11/11 @ 5pm, We will head over to the Littlefield Fountain after the meeting
Last year we tied against NSC, but we shall get our revenge this time around! The game will start after the meeting (5:30pm), so hang around with us if you are interested in representing SURGe and basking in the greatness of victory.

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General Meeting- Summer Research Opportunities (11/04/11)

Dr. Sarah Simmons, Assistant Dean for Honors, Research, and International Study will be speaking about the importance of summer research, and how imperative it is that you apply early. Applications for summer research opportunities will be opening anytime between November and January, depending on the program, so we want to provide a head start and inform everyone. Dr. Simmons will also address the various fellowships and opportunities that any undergraduate can receive from OHRIS- opportunities that most students don’t know exist. FRI Summer Fellowships, REU’s, and Maymesters, etc.

We will be ordering food, so we need to know how many people will be at the meeting. If you will be attending, please fill out the following survey:

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General Meeting (11/28/11)

Vampire Secrets Research

Friday 10/28 @ 4pm, PAI 3.02
No, it’s not about Twilight, thankfully. Dr. Thomas Garza, our distinguished speaker, will be giving us a talk about his research in vampires and the importance of them in our society today. This is a great event to prep our minds for the spookiness of Halloween night, so get pumped! Free food will be provided afterwards.
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Astronomy Lab Tour: 9/26

We’ll have a night sky telescope viewing this Wednesday, Oct. 26th at RLM (Robert Lee Moore Hall) rooftop.
A typical night will include a planet or two, binary stars, star clusters and maybe one of the brighter nebulae.
Start Time: 8PM
Directions to the rooftop: Once you reach RLM, take the elevators to the 17th floor and then follow the signs to the stairs up to the telescope.
If you wish to attend, you must take this survey:
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General Meeting: 10/21/11

Grant Writing Workshop and Ice Cream/Movie Social
Friday 10/21 @ 4pm, PAI 3.02

For those interested in grants or need the extra help in editing your own grant application, don’t hesitate to learn more at our grant writing workshop this Friday. We’ll help you get started on the basics of grants, the mindset of how to approach one, and how to make your grant stand out from the rest.

Afterward, we will be having an Ice Cream and Movie Social topped with floats, liquid nitrogen ice cream, and pizza! We will be watching the first Pokemon Movie (“Pokemon?!”) because:

1) It deals with the issue of cloning.
2) For our upcoming Longhorn Halloween event, SURGe will be dressed up as Pokemon!

So if you don’t know what on earth Pokemon is about, then you better start learning.

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