Bio344 covers important concepts in molecular biology. The discipline of molecular biology overlaps a great many other fields in biology. Because of this, you have been exposed to aspects of molecular biology in many of your other courses. In particular, your Genetics course has covered many important topics in molecular biology. This course begins where you Genetics course left off. You will be expected to be familiar with the basic properties of DNA, gene expression and cloning technology. A review of the necessary information is found at the beginning of you textbook

We are going to move on to new topics and are going to look at old topics in new ways. As much as possible, I will teach this course by discussing experiments, experiments and more experiments. I hope that you will learn new information, but more importantly, I want you to think like a scientist.


Dr. Nigel Atkinson


  1. -Feb 17

  2. -Mar 26

  3. -April 30

  4. -Final too be announced


  1. -Molecular Biology 4th ed. Robert F. Weaver. McGraw Hill Publishers

Office hours

  1. -Dr. Atkinson Th 4 pm PAT 228

  2. -Joshua White M 10 am PAT 313

Help Session RLM 5.118 4-6 pm Tuesday 5/12 - bring questions!

Office hours Tuesday 5/12 11-12:15.

Final is Thursday May 14 9-12 noon GSB 2.126