How to Apply


How to Apply

Specific information about university-wide requirements for graduate admissions at The University of Texas at Austin is available from The Graduate and International Admissions Center.

Apply online using the Texas Common Application. The Biochemistry major code is 613500.

Submit online your Statement of Purpose and enter your Electronic Letters of Recommendation information.

When you complete the “References” portion of the online application for admission, you will give the names and email addresses of those you have asked to recommend you. Be sure that the email address is current and accurate.

You will be asked to inform us if you are going to waive the right to view your letters after they are submitted. Please indicate this by answering the associated question on the application for admission.

We will send an e-mail message to the address you provide and ask your recommender to visit a web site where they can complete a questionnaire. Your recommender will be informed if you have not waived your right to view his/her letter of recommendation.

If you make a mistake on the email address or if you need to replace one recommender with another please contact Marla Boye at

Send to the Graduate and International Admissions Center:

  1. Official transcripts from every senior college attended
  2. Official GRE and TOEFL score reports
    The Institution code for the University of Texas at Austin for GRE and TOEFL score reports is 6882. No department code is necessary.  The Biochemistry graduate program does not require GRE subject tests.
  3. Application fee


University of Texas at Austin
P. O. Box 7608
Austin, TX 78713-7608
For overnight letter or package delivery
UT Austin
2608 Whitis Ave.
Austin, TX 78712-1534

International applicants should also send a CV directly to the Biochemistry graduate program. The CV should show lab experience and list any publications, but please do not send the publications:

Biochemistry Admissions Coordinator
The University of Texas at Austin
1 University Station A4810
Austin, TX 78712-0165

Admission Requirements and Deadlines

The Biochemistry Graduate Program expects its applicants to have a degree in biochemistry, chemistry or similar area successfully completed a course in biochemistry and molecular biology (or equivalent biology courses), and one year each of calculus, organic chemistry and general physics.

We only admit students seeking a PhD and only for the Fall Semester.

The priority deadline for domestic applicants is December 1st. The priority deadline for international applicants is November 1st. Applications received after that date will be considered, but it may not be feasible to complete the review of late applications in time for invitations to recruitment visits. Applicants may check their application status and documents received online.

Recruitment Visits
After the admissions committee reviews applications, applicants may be invited to interview during a recruitment visit in January or February. These visits provide a great opportunity to interact with faculty and current graduate students, experience our campus, and tour Austin.

Commitment to Diversity
The Biochemistry Graduate Program is committed to providing educational opportunities to students from diverse backgrounds underrepresented in the biological sciences. We strongly encourage students of all backgrounds to apply. In addition to the support from our department, the University of Texas at Austin offers a number of fellowships to promote graduate study and diversity. Qualified students are nominated by the Biochemistry Graduate Program for these fellowships.

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