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The Daily Texan, The University of Texas at Austin; Small bees can pull their own weight in pollination Nov. 16, 2017:

UT News, The University of Texas at Austin; Study of Secret Sex Lives of Trees Finds Tiny Bees Play Big Part, Nov. 6, 2017:

National Public Radio, Science Friday interview on native bees and the (PNAS 2017) importance of species functional breadth in ecosystem function paper:

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Bumble bee papers (Molecular Ecology 2015) discussed on the Texas Standard and The Source:

Shade coffee work (Bioscience 2014) featured in the Huffington Post:

CA bumble bee research (PNAS 2013) discussed in the NY times:

Shade Coffee and pollinator research (PNAS 2010) discussed on Weekend Edition of All Things Considered, National Public Radio.

Shade Coffee seed disperser research (Current Biology 2008) discussed on Talk of the Nation Science Friday, National Public Radio.