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How To Get Involved In Research

Here are some useful tips for getting involved in research:

1. Check out the faculty directory :: look for professors in departments that you are interested in.

Hint: look for researchers with “professor” in their title because they tend to have their own labs. The best professors to research with are those who are trying to get published (they tend to be young). Lots of recent publications is a good sign – it means that they’re active. An updated website is a good sign too.

2. You can also check out other websites like EUREKA for research opportunities. Network like crazy – you never know who you’ll meet.

3. Once you find research you’re interested in, it’s a good idea to check the researcher’s website to see if they’re hiring undergraduates. There’s a chance that you could apply through their website. Only contact the professor (step 4) if there is no online application.

4. Contact the professor. To do this you need to email them expressing an interest in working with them. Be sure to explain why you’re interested in their research – saying “please hire me because I need research experience/a job” isn’t going to cut it. Hint: BE POLITE AND RESPECTFUL. Make sure to keep your email concise – professors get tons of emails, so don’t waste their time. Make sure to mention your background/experience.

5. Always be ┬ácourteous. Remember to thank the professor for her/his time. Also, coffee chats are good – they help you to get to know more about the professor/their research in a more casual setting (you should pay for the coffee!)

**Remember: you can always ask your SURGe officers for help!**

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