Accelerated Research Initiative Program (ARI)


Accelerated Research Initiative (ARI) Program
Application Deadline is Thursday, May 1

This is a unique opportunity for undergraduates (~ 2 yrs remaining), who are interested in attending graduate school.  Approximately 5 – 10 students will be selected to participate in an accelerated version of a FRI stream over the summer.  Not only will these ARI students learn the theory and techniques necessary to complete a research project in the FRI stream in the summer session, but the students will concurrently seek-out other research interests and research labs. ARI students may sit-in on group meetings for different research groups and then select a research group to join at the conclusion of the summer session.  This program is targeting future graduate students, who missed out on the original FRI experience and seek to quickly gain research experience in the later years of their undergraduate work.

  • The ARI Application isdue Thursday, May 1.
  • Decision notifications will be emailed on or before May 15
  • Email Dr. Gwen Stovall at if you have any other questions in regards to the program


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