Officer Elections

If you’re passionate about SURGe and would like to gain leadership experience, you should definitely consider being an officer for the 2014-2015 school year! You will learn about the inner workings of SURGe and develop lasting friendships with the other officers and members.

For all other members, you can still participate in the elections process by voting online. Descriptions of the candidates will be available to help you make informed decisions!


The elections schedule is as follows:

4/25: Officer application due at 11:59pm

4/26-5/1: Interviews

4/28-5/1: Voting by SURGe members online

5/1: All candidates are notified of results

5/2: Official announcement of 2014-2015 SURGe officers


Please complete the SURGe officer application survey ( and send a photo of yourself to before 11:59pm on Friday, April 25th. We will contact you to set up a short, informal interview based on the times you provided once we receive your application.


Note: Although we encourage active SURGe members (who come to our meetings and events regularly) to apply, we will definitely consider newer members who show significant interest and willingness to take on a leadership position in SURGe. If you are not sure if you are active, or are really interested, make sure to submit an application!

For a detailed description of the duties of each officer, please see the bylaws

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