Our Organization

We are the Number one research group on campus!!!

There are plenty of ways to find more information about SURGe: just attend one of our Thursday meetings, ask an officer, or take some time to explore this website.

In short, SURGe is a student group that works to foster a cohesive undergraduate research community. To this end, we are a network of individual students (some doing research in labs and some not) who meet to discuss and promote involvement in scientific research on campus.

The group’s requirements are minimal: we want you to attend meetings and actively participate as best you can. Our weekly meetings usually feature a speaker, or panel of speakers, to present research-related topics. We encourage you to stay after the meetings as well to have a conversation with an officer, or ask the presenter questions you may have. We also discuss volunteer opportunities on campus and research shadowing opportunities. Like all organizations, SURGe is entirely what you make of it!

SURGe membership is free. There are no prerequisites, nor is prior laboratory experience a necessity. Students of all majors and levels are welcome to join and contribute.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at surge.website@gmail.com

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