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General Meeting (11/28/11)

Vampire Secrets Research

Friday 10/28 @ 4pm, PAI 3.02
No, it’s not about Twilight, thankfully. Dr. Thomas Garza, our distinguished speaker, will be giving us a talk about his research in vampires and the importance of them in our society today. This is a great event to prep our minds for the spookiness of Halloween night, so get pumped! Free food will be provided afterwards.
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ESI Volunteering

Thursday 10/27 @ 5:30-6:45pm, Meet at SURGe Greenhouse
This ESI event presents “Robots and Rocks: Preparing for Geological Planetary Exploration” with distinguished speaker, Dr. Mark Helper, who has worked with NASA roboticists and helped trained astronauts for planetary field work. For SURGe, we will be helping out with some pre-lecture activities, and we need volunteers to help out. We will meet at the Greenhouse (behind PAI) at 5:15pm, so please consider helping out if you have the time to spare.

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Longhorn Halloween (11/30/11)

Longhorn Halloween

Sunday 10/30 @ 12-3pm and 3-6pm (2 Shifts), Meet at SURGe Greenhouse
Boo! It’s that time of year again where everyone gets a ton of cavities after eating too much candy in one night. This is a big event for the entire city of Austin, and we really need your help with managing our booth at the event. We will meet at the Greenhouse at 11am-12pm to help load our materials and carpool to the Frank Erwin Center at 12pm. The actual event starts at 2pm, but we need to set everything up by 1:45pm, and this is where you come in. If you are interested in dressing up, helping out, and having fun, then please fill out the information in the survey below:

Our costume theme for this year is Pokemon, so don’t be left behind on the trend!

We will host a Haunted Maze and Science Corner. Also, we will have pin the mustache on Einstein.

Come to this spooky Pokemon Longhorn Halloween!

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SURGe United

Congratulations SURGe United for the great season! We started out as rookies and concluded the season as a competitive team. We earned a 3 to 1 victory after our hard work. Everyone had fun and looks forward to doing Intramural Sports in the future. Thank you everyone who was involved with team as supporters or players. Go SURGe United!!!

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Astronomy Lab Tour: 9/26

We’ll have a night sky telescope viewing this Wednesday, Oct. 26th at RLM (Robert Lee Moore Hall) rooftop.
A typical night will include a planet or two, binary stars, star clusters and maybe one of the brighter nebulae.
Start Time: 8PM
Directions to the rooftop: Once you reach RLM, take the elevators to the 17th floor and then follow the signs to the stairs up to the telescope.
If you wish to attend, you must take this survey:
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General Meeting: 10/21/11

Grant Writing Workshop and Ice Cream/Movie Social
Friday 10/21 @ 4pm, PAI 3.02

For those interested in grants or need the extra help in editing your own grant application, don’t hesitate to learn more at our grant writing workshop this Friday. We’ll help you get started on the basics of grants, the mindset of how to approach one, and how to make your grant stand out from the rest.

Afterward, we will be having an Ice Cream and Movie Social topped with floats, liquid nitrogen ice cream, and pizza! We will be watching the first Pokemon Movie (“Pokemon?!”) because:

1) It deals with the issue of cloning.
2) For our upcoming Longhorn Halloween event, SURGe will be dressed up as Pokemon!

So if you don’t know what on earth Pokemon is about, then you better start learning.

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ROADS 2 Research (9/30/11)

When: Friday, September 30: 3;00pm – 5:00pm

Where ACES 2.402

Finish NS week with a bang by coming to SURGe’s biggest event of the semester!


-Graduate Student Panel
-Representatives from Intelectual Entrepreneurship
-Workshops in:
Resume Building
Literary Review
Literary Resources


Tours of the Vislab, the Visualization Lab of the Texas Advanced Computing Center!!!

Come check out the supercomputer!

Take advantage of all this while enjoying amazing food catered by O’s Cafe!

Proudly sponsored by the University Coop.

UT CO-OP Website

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