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ESI Lecture April 4


It’s time for an ESI event, Primate Social Behavior, with Dr. Anthony DiFiore! The Set up begins at 5:15pm, the fair begins at 5:45pm and ends at 7:00pm and takes place in Welch Hall. We will be walking over together after the meeting!


If you would like to help us table for the event, please follow the link to sign up:

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Output Workshop for URF

On Thursday, 4/3 from 2-5pm in PAI 5.38N, we’ll be helping students finalize and print their posters.
Boxed lunches will be provided to those who register by 5pm on April 1st. To register, follow this link:

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Forty Acres Fest (Volunteers Needed)

Forty Acres Fest is Saturday, March 22 from 12:30- 6pm at the East, Main, and West Malls

This event has free entertainment and interactive booths! SURGe will be setting up a booth for the event, and we need volunteers! For more information on SURGe’s booth activities, please sign up when the sign up becomes available

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Star Party @ RLM

Ever wanted to see the stars through a giant telescope? Come join SURGe for our first Star Party at the roof of RLM (17th floor) this Wednesday (29th). They will be from 7pm to 9pm. If you can find our lovely secretary Leah, then she will give you a point for attendance.

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