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Fourth SURGe Meeting (9/23)

Friday 9/23 @ 4pm, PAI 3.02
Engineer galore! This Friday’s meeting will guest star Dr. Glenn Lightsey, an Aerospace Engineer who specializes in the dynamic and control of space vehicles using avonic sensors. If you have any idea what any of those words meant, then I congratulate you, fellow SURGers, because I certainly didn’t. Nevertheless, come invite your friends, both engineers or not, and have fun on a Friday afternoon with us! Free food? Oh yes, definitely. But Free Red Mango Yogurt Samples? In our SURGe Meeting? Oh yes, even more definitely.

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Matz Lab Tour: Evolutionary Trends of Coral Reefs: 9/22/11

Thursday 9/22 @ 3-3:30pm (Meet at 2:45pm), Patterson Building (PAT)
Take the day off by exploring the trends of evolution in coral reefs as they respond to the climate changes. You’ll get a chance to walk through their vast aquariums and check out their cool coral reef samples they’ve collected from around the world (Florida Keys, the Bahamas, Australia, and Micronesia). There are also undergraduate students working in the lab as well, so this is a great opportunity to talk to them about their experiences working in the Matz Lab and undergraduate research overall.

For those who are interested, please fill out this survey –>

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SURGe KickOff: 9/2/11

Hopefully everyone is having a great summer break. The fall semester is rapidly approaching, and SURGe cannot wait to welcome old and new longhorns. I hope everyone can join us on September 2, 2011 to kick off the semester.

Come learn about the numerous wonderful things you can look forward to this year as a SURGer. Expect FREE FOOD and the best experience as a member of the largest research group at the University of Texas.

Remember, No dues just research!

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