The Search for Tobusch Fishhook Cactus (Ancistrocactus tobuschii)
Real County, Texas, 2 March 2008

by Bob Harms ()

Looking in likely locations, 2 March 2008
(Photo by Kirsti Harms)

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Fortunately Terri Siegenthaler, Betsy Pfeil and Steve Williams had previously found and flagged plants for us to enjoy. In the course of the day we (actually only Terri) managed to add only plant to those found the day before. These tiny cacti are not easily spotted in the open rocky areas between the junipers and shrubs. And since the sun did not make an appearance until mid afternoon, flower buds did not open until late in the day.

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One area with flags had some 15 plants. Even with the flags and red circles they aren't visible:

With no flags one can at least see where they might be encountered:

And even with flowers and some sun, they were hard to spot when we returned to the flagged area for pictures. There are only two plants among the short grass tufts in the photo below.

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