Left: tangle of dense branched trichomes on leaf surface. Glands barely visible. [Jeff Davis Co.]. Right: Calyx hairs. [Presidio Co.]

Hedeoma mollis Vestiture
by Bob Harms  email-here

Hedeoma mollis pubescence is unique among Texas taxa. It has only 3 types of vestiture: (1) fine, spreading trichomes of the corolla, abundant but not crowded; (2) dense straight trichomes of the calyx annulus, typical for this structure, but shorter and more exserted than for the H. drummondii complex; (3) everything else (i.e., stems, peduncles, pedicels, petioles, leaves, bracteoles, calyx tube, calyx teeth) is densely covered with branching trichomes — and although variation in density occurs, it is not determined by location. [Compare the pattern of the Hedeoma drummondii complex.]

Key to labels on image below [click to enlarge]:
A: stem B: peduncleC: pedicel
D: petioleE: leaf F: bracteole
G: calyx tube H: calyx annulusI: corolla tube

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