by Bob Harms ()

Brazoria Sabal (Sabal × brazoriensis) Recruitment in Hays County

Once our Brazoria palmetto bore fruit, seedlings began to appear, and continued to grow. Over 135 volunteer Brazoria palmettos have now been noted in areas that have seasonal moisture, some over 500 feet distant (see the map below). Although there has not been an exceptionally cold winter this past decade, the mother palm, planted as a young seedling, has survived both severe cold and drought for 35 years.

Seedlings (c. 28) at the base of the mother Brazoria Sabal, February 2007.

3 volunteers some 500 feet distant and uphill from the mother plant.

The map below shows the distribution of Brazoria Sabal volunteers as of December 2007. [As of spring 2009 some 165 recruits have been found.] Our spring fed creek is in blue; the six dots at the bottom are in an overflow area for a large tank, in blue at the bottom edge.