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Saxophone Formation with 1-year Sabal minor

by Bob Harms  email-here
Several views of a small 1-year juvenile S. minor early in the saxophone establishment stage. Note (1) the brown cataphyll sheath and (2) that more recent leaves are emerging surrounded by earlier leaves.

Four views of the same S. minor saxophone formation (A. cataphyll, B. eophyll, C. detail enlarged below, M. rough indication of apical meristem surrounded by leaf bases) :

The 'C' and 'D' areas of the above image are enlarged below. Remnants of the original germination stage are still present (keyed with yellow and red). The plumular sheaths surround the eophyll (first leaf). An approximation of subsequent meristem geotropic (downward) growth with leaves reoriented directly upward is reflected in purple. The adventitious root that is formed at the eophyl leaf node is larger than the radicle. In 'D' the parallel veins of the eophyll and cataphyll leaves are apparent, extending into the white subterranean portion of the eophyll.