Observations on Early Ontogeny in certain Sabal palm species
by Bob Harms  email-here

The observations in the pages below are based on my experience with germinating and growing Sabal palmettos, primarily on the Purola Preserve in N. Hays County (Texas). These include:
  1. Sabal × brazoriensis
  2. S. minor
  3. S. mexicana
  4. S. palmetto (assumed — but not known — to be non-native in Texas)
  5. Praha Sabal (taxonomic status unsettled)
Germination The ‘Saxophone’ stem development
Juvenile plants SAMI8 trunk S. minor underground trunk
1–year Sabal minor plants
5–year Sabal minor plants
5–year Sabal palmetto plants
Sabal × brazoriensis plants in N. Hays County
Leaf Ontogeny
Distribution Map