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Welcome to the Plant Resources Center's Wildflowers of Texas website.  Here you can explore the beauty and richness of Texas wildflowers while learning about a unique research facility dedicated to understanding Texas's botanical diversity. Search for information about your favorite wildflower, or try to identify one you don't know, by going to the Advanced Search or the Browse Wildflowers page. These will then link you to informative species pages that include images of both living plants and preserved museum specimens. Be sure also to see the Slide Show that highlights the startling beauty and variation of the Texas flora. You can go behind the scenes at the Plant Resources Center by taking a video tour (see box to right). And there is much more information here on Texas plants and botanists. So, we hope you'll dive in and explore the wonderful world of Texas wildflowers!

Beryl B. Simpson
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What is an Herbarium?

Get a rare peek inside the largest herbarium in Texas—with over a million plant specimens housed right in the UT Tower.

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